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Party- Jamie

Birthday Brawl


Get ready for a crazy all-out Nerf Brawl! Take cover behind walls, and battle with your squad to achieve the objective amidst waves of enemy attacks.

🥽 Bring safety goggles BUT if you don’t have that, we’ll have extras!

🎉Ammo & Blasters included! You can bring your own blasters too!

🌦Rain or shine.

💰Be prepared for Shoot ‘n’ Loot game modes – ie. enemies can nab your blaster if you get hit.

🧹Everyone has to help with Team Cleanup which is the last 10-15min of the brawl, doesn’t take long.

⌚Arrive at the start time. Please don’t be late, or you’ll miss the game scenario rules and choosing your team.

📜First time here? Do the online WAIVER in advance, once only.

Challenging game modes you’ve never played before!

ℹ For more info like FAQ, game modes, rules, rentals, ammo, and more please explore all the pages on our website.

Don’t come if you have a cold, are ill, etc.

All New Players, please do the online waiver beforehand, to participate

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