Fight your way strategically thru forts & enemies in the most tactical war mission ever!

Extreme Nerf Wars in Vancouver

Destroying bases, defusing rockets, taking cover behind barriers, eliminating enemies and securing objectives, how much more extreme could this Nerf War get?

It’s not a one man army. It’s not a one girl army either. Grab your friends and work as a team to win the war.  Destroy enemy armies before they do the same to yours. Will you hide? Attack? Or cover my back? With so many strategies to use, so many game modes, and so many barriers to attack from, the action is truly endless.

Nerf Brawls, Laser Tag Wars, Archery Tag Wars

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❌ What this is NOT

  • Running around aimlessly with nerf guns chasing each other in an open field.
  • Walking around with pea shooters.
  • A game you’re probably too old for.

✅What this IS:

  • Fast paced, action packed, team vs team excitement.
  • Organized gameplay
  • Unique game modes requiring strategic and team based collaboration to win. 
  • High intensity exercise.
  • High impact blasters & intense combat.
  • LOTS of HUGE forts and barriers.

Extreme Game Modes

If you thought this was just people running around aimlessly with nerf guns YOU THOUGHT WRONG!

We invent the coolest game modes ever. Strategy, teamwork, and tactical objectives with organized gameplay. 

Gunz & Gear

Doing a private brawl? You’ll get to use some of the best guns! And even better, it doesn’t cost extra! Learn more

Infinite Ammo

No need to bring your own ammo. Use ours and blast as much as you want for no additional charge!  Learn more

Why Us?

“Their game modes are like inventions thousands of years in the making.”

-Omar S., Player

“You can’t hide from all the chaos going on,  you just have to go all in!”

-Samuel Deviss, Player

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