Make your birthday party ballistically EPIC!
Fight your way strategically thru forts & enemies in the most tactical war mission ever!

Extreme Nerf War Parties in Vancouver

Go BALLISTIC for your next birthday party! We’ll come to your favorite local grass park, indoor community centre gym, or even your backyard, set up our big battle barriers and turn it into an all-out WARZONE! You just bring the soldiers, we’ll bring the guns, ammo and goggles, and we’ll host the entire battle from start to finish!

Staffed Games

Battles are completely staffed and led by us! We’ll explain the rules of the game, split teams by color, and host the whole war! We’ll handle the crowd while you just sit back and enjoy!

We come to you!

We’ll come to your local grass park and transform it into a battlefield with forts, walls and objectives! Want it indoors? Just rent a gym and we’ll show up! Anywhere in Greater Vancouver, we’re completely mobile

We bring the Gear

We’ll bring all the equipment for the players so you won’t need to bring a thing! From the guns, ammo and safety goggles, to forts, objectives and team colors – you just bring yourselves and we’ll handle the rest!

We're Flexible

Any time, any date, any place, just ask! Worried about the weather? No problem! We’re happy to reschedule due to rain at no extra cost, even up to the morning of! But rain, shine or snow, if you want it we’ll run it!

Party Activities

Choose one of our many exciting activities for your next epic party! Whether you’re throwing your kid’s birthday party, a company social, a sports team year end party, even your own birthday party, there’s something exciting and fun for your age group and size!

Outdoor Nerf War Parties

Taking cover behind a wall with a nerf gun in hand, in the heat of the battle, he peaks around the corner and takes aim at the enemies, darts flying at him from all directions as the enemy closes in. He calls his squadmates together and they prepare to attack the oncoming onslaught. The Nerf Warzone. Every kids' DREAM! A battlefield setup complete with walls, rules, and objectives, your kids will have the time of their life immersed in this wargame with toy guns! Any park or gymnasium, for kids 7+.

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Indoor Nerf War Parties

Having weather worries? Worry no more, just book your local community center gymnasium and we'll come transform it into a Nerf battlefield! Experience Nerf Wars with the added twist of John Wick type close quarters combat! Better be swift and deadly with enemies lurking behind each and every corner.  For kids 7+.

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Gel blaster parties

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With a fully automatic semi-machine gun in hand, and 300 rounds in the chamber, you dive for cover behind a wall as a barrage of gel bullets fly over your head. You barely cheat certain death, and every so subtly peak around the wall for the enemy that fired at you. You spot him, take aim and shoot a volley of shots at your foe, and he goes down. The base is now unguarded, so you rush for the objective, gel bullets flying at you from all directions as you sprint...

The intensity of airsoft and paintball without the mess and the injury. Gel pellets sting just the right amount to fuel the intensity of the battle, but because they are soft, water based, and explode on impact, they don't stain, make a mess, nor do they cause the pain of paintball!

For adults and big kids! Outdoors.

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Outdoor Laser Tag Parties

Laser Tag ANYWHERE! Snipe your enemies from far away, up to 150ft using the rifle, which fires as rapidly as your fingers can spam that trigger button. Then, when they get too close, blast 'em with the shotgun, which packs a brutal punch from close range. Big group of enemies closing in on you? Switch to SMG and take 'em all out with a rapid volley of unstoppable laser shots.  Finally, the most deadly weapon of them all, the bazooka. Switch to this most diabolical weapon to wreak absolute destruction and chaos on your foes. And of course, don't forget to reload.

Take Laser Tag ANYWHERE - the forest, the park, or the gym! We'll come to YOU!

For kids 7+, indoors or outdoors

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