Outdoor Laser Tag Party

Blast your enemies from 100 feet away and choose from four awesome weapons! Our guns come with an automatic life system, so the action never stops. Get ready for a heart-pounding laser tag adventure that transforms any space into an epic battlefield—no vest, goggles or cleanup needed!

Laser Tag Party: What do You Get?

Staffed Games

We'll explain how to use the guns, the safety, the rules and objectives of the game mode, split you all into colored teams and host the whole war!

We come to you!

Have a grass park in mind? We'll show up there and transform it into a laser tag battlefield, mapped out with forts, walls and objectives! We're completely mobile and can go anywhere within Greater Vancouver!  We've even hosted games in junkyards, backyard farms, and barns, so if you can think of it we'll do it!

We bring the gear

We'll bring the guns. Choose from four different weapons all in one awesome gun! Use different weapons for different situations.

We're Flexible

Any time, any date, any place, just ask! Worried about the weather? No problem! We're happy to reschedule due to rain at no extra cost, even up to the morning of!

We Bring the Battlefield

Barriers, Battle Walls, Forts! Transform any grass park into the ultimate gel blaster WARZONE!!

4 weapons in one


Dominate the battlefield with the Shotgun fire mode!  powerhouse delivers powerful blasts that can take down multiple enemies at once.  Perfect for close range. 


This semi-auto option fires rapidly, giving you the perfect balance of precision and speed. With each pull of the trigger, you’ll feel the excitement as you take down your opponents with quick, accurate shots.


Unleash the speed and precision of the Rifle fire mode! Fire 3 shots at once fore shooing multiple foes. perfect for high intensity fire fights. The Rifle mode combines rapid shots with ease of handling, making it ideal for both close-quarters combat and mid-range engagements.

The Rocket launcher

The Rocket launcher needs no introduction.  Highest damage weapon in class. One trigger pull destroys the enemy with a boom.


Health system

No need to hassle with an uncomfortable vest,  your gun will automatically react to hits from laser fire.  Don’t worry about dying too quickly, your health bar  has multiple lives. Survive longer and play harder.

Infinite ammo

Reload as much as you want by hitting the reload button.

The battlefield


 A labyrinth of towering obstacles. These aren’t just any walls – they’re massive shields, perfect for hiding. As you navigate through barriers keep your finger on the trigger because the enemy could be right around the corner!planning your next move. 


Teamwork is the ultimate weapon in laser tag! Grab your friends and huddle up. Discuss who’s the sharpshooter, the speedy dodger, and the strategic mind. Plan your attack – will it be a surprise flank, a defensive hold, or a full-on assault? Assign blasters based on strengths, and use hand signals or code words to communicate during the game. Remember, it’s all about working together to outsmart the enemy!


Don’t just stand there! Fight for objectives until your team wins. Plan a daring capture, a coordinated push, whatever gets you to the objective first.

Laser tag Parties ANYWHERE!!

Birthday Parties!

Make your birthday the best birthday ever!

Sports Parties!

Soccer, Hockey, Baseball Year End Parties!

School Parties

Celebrate the end of the school year

Family Bbqs

Get the whole family together

Fun Fairs

Add a battlefield to your fun Fair!

Backyard Parties

Turn your backyard into a warzone!


little Parties

Laser Tag Party Details



All Ages


Hi tech Laser guns with 4 weapons to choose from


Health system

The guns have an automatic live system so no need to call hits or wear a vest

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Ammo

Game modes

Prepare yourself for an intense game mode where you get to capture objectives, defend your base and eliminate enemies.


Big battle walls will be set up in the warzone to take cover behind. This make game play super unique and fun.


Any grass park or Indoor location

We Run it

A staff will run the game from start to finish, you just show up and have fun!

Minimum Charges
Time: 1h15m
Price/player is $35, with minimum charge of:
$455 for North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, & Coquitlam.
$455 for Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, & Pitt Meadows.

  • Minimum charge excludes add-ons.
  • The Deposit holds your time slot
  • Deposit is non-refundable and counts toward the final amount at the event.
  • Pay the final amount in person at the event with card machine, cash not accepted
  • Your Deposit is valid up to a maximum 2 months after purchase for rescheduling an event. To reschedule, please call 778-9000-969

The last 10 mins of the event all players must help pick up the ammo.


Can you use your own guns?
Yes! Players can totally bring their own guns and eye protection and we encourage you to gear up for battle! You can bring shields and other tactical nerf war gear.

Indoor locations?
Just book a gymnasium or venue and we’ll do the same thing for the same price indoors.

If it rains?
It’s rain or shine! Battle in the rain or reschedule at no extra charge – it’s up to you! Just let us know in the morning of game day.

All ages over 6 can play even the parents! If you want a game for adults check out Gel Blaster Wars!


Party Activity Kids Teens Adults Indoors Outdoors
Gel Blaster
Archery Tag
Nerf Rival
Laser Tag


After-Event Campfire

Roast Marshmallows and laugh around the campfire with your comrades after the game! Campfire, Marshmallows, and Sticks included.

45min after the game

sound, audio, waves-495859.jpg

Brawl Music

We’ll bring a sonic arsenal of epic beats to supercharge the battle-zone.  Amp up your birthday experience to legendary heights! 


Brawl Action Photos

Relive the excitement long after the last shot is fired. Ignite envy among your social circles with our high-quality action photos, which are more than just memories—they’re proof of your epic triumphs on the battlefield! 


Brawl Action Video

Cinematic war footage!


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fire $100
fire time 45
fire room $200

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  • Your deposit is valid for 2 months after date of purchase for rescheduling an event.
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