Spring Changes!

Spring is HERE, and it’s getting warmer, so we got the following changes and tips for you:

1.  The war happens RAIN or SHINE!  The weather changes all the time, but we’ll be there NO MATTER WHAT.    Unless there’s a tornado or something crazy like that.

2.  If it rains, it’s gonna be DARTS ONLY.  We’re gonna leave the rival balls behind in the truck.  They are little sponges.  Our last unlucky batch of balls from 2021 died a slow and painful death from soaking up the mud and rain.  They now reside in a big garbage bag in the attic. Our new red balls (the mini tomatoes) do not wish to have the same fate.

3.  We include dart blasters as part of the game, so if it’s raining and you don’t have a dart blaster, you can use one (or two) of ours!

3. We’ll also bring tents so you can put your stuff under them.  

4. Rainy days make the battle feel much more dramatic, so ya just gotta come try it out one of these fine days that only Vancouver can offer.  Also anyone who’s been to one of our Brawls knows that it’s super fast paced, so once you start running you won’t feel the cold!

5.  Man, I feel bad for some of y’alls who didn’t have pockets for ammo at the last war.  So for the godman’s sake make sure you got pocket pants at the brawl!  Or there’s always the tactical route – army belt + dump pouch.  Or the Nerf battle vest with the pockets.

6. Every Spring Break is cursed for weather, I’ve seen it happen every year.  But don’t let that stop you from having FUN, so get out there!

See if you can find yourself doing cool stuff in last weekend’s war footage. These scenes were shot by brave reporters risking their lives in the crossfire so you should totally SUBSCRIBE to the Blaster Brawls YouTube Channel:

SEE YAs AT THE NEXT BRAWL!!! Which is at this link

–  Gav @ BlasterBrawls