Past Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars in Vancouver are Back from the Dead – 2021

Our first nerf war of 2021 was last Saturday – and it absolutely kicked butt!  It was a huge turnout, more than any of us would’ve expected.  We were almost too happy.  Yesterday we had the most people at any VBB Nerf War ever, bigger than any of our 2019 wars – and 2019 was before covid.  AGAINST ALL ODDS – first, sports just got allowed again a few days ago from the impact of the gross monkey virus, and second, Facebook ads are universally crippled from the ios14 update.  And surprise, Facebook is where we do all our digital advertising.  Then finally, combining this with the fact that Vancouver was always such a dead zone for nerf in the past – yes, pretty much every other major Canadian city has an established nerf group, sometimes even arenas built for nerf wars.  Vancouver?  Nerf was always a COMPLETE JOKE here – pretty much every hopeless attempt to make a lasting Nerf group in this city eventually DIED without so much as making a peep. VBB 2019 wasn’t too promising.  Until yesterday.  I will remember that day.  And we plan to KEEP IT GOING 😉

Hamburger Hill.  Nerf King of the Hill, but Hamburger, because, the hill is where all the mayhem’s at. First, with 2 teams, and then, 3 teams.  3 team Hamburger Hill was crazy.  Blue, vs Tan vs Green.  Imagine 4 teams.    My loadout: the angry overvolted rapidstrike, alpha strike qs-4 as a sidearm with a 3d printed convenient holster, printed on my tevo tornado, 14kg blue kronos, and DZ Mark 2 Pro – which I turned metallic blue for obvious reasons.  Actually the Dart zone pro – doesn’t even need to be a sidearm – it worked perfectly well as a primary!

The alpha strike is like a nerf triad but with 4 barrels instead of just 3.  I like it.  The darts actually stay inside it too, unlike the triad.  I use it so much I designed a belt holster for it and 3d printed it.  It shoots pretty far.  I’m also surprised that the blaster actually does not use screws.  It’s all plastic snap hooks.  No rubber o rings in the plunger either – just soft plastic and grease.  It fires quite a distance too.  A most interestingly engineered blaster.

Cams loadout – the Nexus BRO, Aeon, 20KG Kronos (yes 20kg, almost no one else can prime it, let alone multiple times during a skirmish), and brass pumped musket loaded buzz bee blastzooka – quite the effective sniper.  Surprised he didn’t use the punisher – full auto overvolted stryfe.  Guess time flied by too quick huh.

Super happy many people had their own gear!  And they all did their homework of signing the online waiver before showing up – which was a real timesaver.  Because sign-in is boring, and playing is fun.  Everyone was a great sport and calling hits was never an issue.  

Anyway, check out what the event was like in the video below.  Cam did some awesome fps AND tps view (yes, third person shooting view) using his diy third person rig for getting some video game-like action shots.  

’till next week!  If you’re not on the events email list – sign up for it below already!  Or miss out on awesomeness.

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