Adventure Force Pro Short Darts are Here!

Drake meme Drake hates half darts, but likes adventure force pro darts for nerf war

As per my predications the Adventure Force Pro short darts have finally arrived in our country.  But they’re all dark grey which makes them hard to find on the ground and easier to lose, but, oh well. As if they aren’t expensive enough.  Which is why we ordered a whole whack of them.  They should arrive before the next nerf war on Saturday.  

My DZ-Pro MkII is excited for these darts ie. that blue shiny nerf pistol you’ve seen me with 😆.  If you want to purchase these darts too, reply here and let me know, I’ll send you the link.  Great thing about these is they shoot far AND they don’t hurt. A balance which is VERY hard to strike.  Unlike solid tipped rubber stefan darts like the ACC Gen 1s 2s and 3s.  And the glue is also much better.

THE ONLY THING I HATE is the color choice. I said it once and I’ll say it again.  I hate losing darts.  The price is actually whatever it is plus the percentage of darts you won’t find due to the crappy colour choice.  Too bad we can’t spray paint darts without affecting performance.  


But what I hate more was manually cutting darts by hand.  Now I don’t need to sacrifice my wrists to carpal tunnel syndrome just to make short darts that don’t perform as well as the real thing. That once was only available in the land of America.

Well actually they performed ok.  I’ve used the Adventure force pro waffle darts, used a brass 17/32 and 9/16 tubes to cut them to size.  They obviously don’t fly as far and jam quite a bit in the chamber.  But they have served their purpose during the nerf wars we’ve had here in Vancouver.


Next thing to look out for is the full length ones (ie for the Nexus Bro) – if you happen to find them available in Canada let us know and we’ll buy them asap for the nerf wars.

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