Safety Rules

  • Eye Safety.
    • Eye protection must provide side coverage, and must stay secure when you run, jump and spin. Sunglasses ok, if they provide side coverage. Eyeglasses only do not suffice, you should get “side shields” for them on amazon. 
    • They stay on between rounds, they stay on when the round is over, they stay on the WHOLE TIME.  Get something that you know you can wear for a long period of time and be comfortable with it.  You don’t need anything fancy – shop safety glasses will do. Make sure it stays on your face when running.
    • We are VERY strict about the eye safety rules. Players that are seen taking goggles off during the game will be asked to sit out and their team penalized. Do not underestimate the power of a blaster versus your eyeball and that useless flap of skin that sometimes covers it.


  • All players must have the online waiver read and filled before playing.  You can read and do it on your phone.  At the beginning of each Brawl, players must sign-in with us. Near the end, all players must help with clean up of blasters, darts and balls, and their trash.  
  • All equipment you bring must be safe to use.
  • Don’t be gross – Do NOT come if you’re sick.  Blaster Brawls happen often enough, so get better and come next time. 
  • Do not bring your own ammo. Visit ammo page for more info. 
  • If you play, you help with team cleanup until it’s done. It’s the last 10-20min of the brawl.  It doesn’t take long when everyone chips in.
  • If you use a high powered blaster, keep your distance and aim for the body.
  • Don’t shoot someone not wearing goggles, instead, tell them to put the goggles on.  Don’t shoot in the prep area.
  • Do not purposefully shoot the face if another target on the body is available. 
  • Be mindful not to collide with other players, so keep your >6ft distance while shooting. 


  • Bringing realistic looking blasters. Don’t paint it all black.  Goes without saying, but no airsoft or paintball markers.
  • Deliberate abuse, theft, and tampering of equipment.
  • Verbal abuse/fighting/harassment. Don’t be toxic, offensive, or overly critical, and do not behave in a way that makes others uncomfortable.
  • Firing blasters at the public.
  • Deliberately inflicting injury and pain.
  • Drugs/alcohol/smoking.
  • Bringing hard or solid tipped ammo. You must use the ammo we provide.

Gameplay Rules

  • Listen to the game rules attentively at start.
  • Call “HIT” & raise hand immediately when tagged.  Or act out a brutal death scene.  Your hand stays up until you respawn.
  • All of our rental blasters are marked VBB or have our sticker on them, and are either rival knockouts or nerf qs-4s at brawls. anything else is not for rent.
  • A HIT is where a ball/dart touches any part of you in any way.
  • No truces.
  • Shields are allowed, if they are rigid when deployed.
  • Other game specific rules will be explained at the Brawl. Email us for questions.
  • Don’t play with heavy clothing or puffy jackets, because you won’t feel it when people shoot you.
  • Have some method of storing ammo – pockets, dump pouch etc.  Don’t be the one without pockets.
  • Most game modes do not have melee.
  • Stay out of the admin equipment area. 
  • Ensure you have emptied your pockets of ammo, returned any rental gear, and team bands before leaving.
  • Ensure you don’t leave any belongings behind. We do not have a lost and found, and we are not responsible for lost items. If you stay till the end of cleanup, you will not leave anything behind anyway.
  • Read the FAQ and familiarize yourself with all the other information on the website and the specific event you are signing up for, which will list ammo types, fps limits etc. So that you are prepared for game day.  

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