$25   – unless otherwise noted.

Bring blasters, goggles, shields, and other items of foam warfare.  You’ll also get access to Ammo and Gear See event page for specifics.

Prepay online, or pay in person.
In person you can pay with Card, or Cash, Apple & Google pay.  It’s a square terminal so we can accept all sorts of contactless payment.

What you get:

A wicked Nerf BRAWL – action packed game modes with strategic, tactical gameplay, and unique objectives.  An epic nerf battlefield map with barriers to take cover behind, launch your attacks from, and ambush (or get ambushed by) your opponents.  And lots of other people.  Rentals include access to blasters, goggles, shields, and possibly other foam weapons, a new mix at each nerf war.

Important things to know

  • New events will be sent via text when scheduled.  Get on the list – text your first name to 778-9000-871
  • First time?  Do the online waiver in advance.  Once per life, don’t do it twice.
  • Bring a blaster and goggles.  We have extras.
  • All players need to help each other with the team clean up near the end.
  • Don’t bring ammo, further details here


Get familiar with the topics below – tap to read.

All ages.  That includes you.  Everyone goes to war.  EVERYONE.
For our Public Brawls, it’s ages 7-200.
For players younger than 7, just book a Custom Brawl with us!

FPS = dart speed in feet per second.  Higher FPS  = more hitting power. 
Outdoor games: 160FPS
Indoor games: 120 FPS

High FPS = too easy, too boring, too much standing/camping, not enough rushing

Aim for the body, but only shoot the face if it’s your only option.

If you want to use your Nexus Pro indoors, we have power reducers for sale.

Ammo is soft.

Safety goggles & blasters.  The more the merrier.  We have extras if you have nothing. Bring any other foam war stuff you want.  Don’t bring ammo, unless it’s vortex mega or ultra, we don’t have those, and never will.

Sure it is! BRING IT.  Teams will be balanced to account for differences in firepower.  You can also use our blasters too if you’re worried about that.

It’s Nerf, so no, and not really.

Eye protection is all you need. It’s Nerf.  So don’t bring body armor, mechanic coveralls, or poofy winter jackets – you won’t call your hits because you won’t feel anything when people shoot you.

If you wish to play the game wearing only prescription glasses buy some side shields for them.  Example here.  Other options – prescription goggles, and goggles to fit over glasses.  

Bring a rival face mask of some sort if you don’t want to take a shot to the face, BUT you really don’t need it, full face masks restrict your breathing and force all your exhaled air up into the visor fogging your vision, so we don’t recommend them.  I’d rather take a shot to the face of foam than not being able to breathe nor see. And it’s just foam so it’s not that bad.

No melee weapons.  Too easy. Unless the event says you can.

Yes! Bring your shields.  Anything that is rigid when deployed, is a shield.  Wearing a picnic cloth over yourself is not a shield.  
You can hold or mount shields to your arms.  Or back.

We encourage engineering your blasters. And homemades. Those are cool. We modify our blasters too. If they are high powered, refer to FPS limits of the event – bring it, but keep a minimum firing distance from your target. Just don’t paint them black and make them look all real like airsoft.

Don’t bring ammo or it will get mixed with ours and you probably won’t get it back at the end since sorting it out will be a big job.
Ammo types we carry
All our ammo is soft tipped.
Bring mega vortex ultra, – we don’t have those and probably never will since they are so rare, not special, and expensive.  

All players have to help clean up the mess we all made before leaving.  Since everyone helps, it doesn’t take long.  It’s just once at the end.  No need to clean between matches.  But it’s fun, it’s a chance to cool down, relax, and chat with friends after a few hours of fast-paced action!

Our game modes involve the Golden Gun, Airhorns, timers and even Computers.

Some of our game modes involve placing your nerf blaster down on the field, allowing someone else to pick it up and use it. If you don’t want your expensive complicated modded nerf blaster being used by someone else, just save it for a different game mode.  Bring something else along with you.

Bring your party, you’ll all just join in on the fun with everyone else that is there! 
If you really want a private event, contact us.  However, bringing your group to a public game is way more fun!

To see upcoming Event locations and dates

Event details are ONLY sent via text so don't miss out!