What’s a Brawl like?

Destroying bases, defusing rockets, taking cover behind HUGE barriers, navigating walls, eliminating enemies and securing objectives, how much more extreme could this Nerf Brawl get?

It’s not a one man army. It’s not a one girl army either. Grab your friends and work as a team to win the war.   Will you hide? Attack? Or cover my back? With so many strategies to use, so many game modes, and so many barriers to attack from, the action is truly endless.

💰Be prepared for possible Shoot ‘n’ Loot game modes – ie. people can nab your blaster if you get shot down. So always bring an extra blaster which you’re okay with someone else using if you “die”.

Game modes and Parks change from week to week. A different battlefield each time!

Which events are noob friendly? All of them are! Each event is suitable for players of all skill levels, and our squad is friendly, helpful, and welcoming to beginners. 

If you’re entering a 13+ War we recommend buying Rival Type guns. The muzzle velocity of this gun type is perfect for high intensity gameplay, and they are cheap and easy to modify if you want to upgrade them. 

Wal-Mart is a great place to buy guns and safety glasses

All players must bring eye-protection and blasters. yes more than one because backup is important.


For Private Games, if there’s rain on the day of, you can decide whether to reschedule your party at no extra charge! Or you can go ahead, it’s up to you.

For Public Games:

If there’s rain we’ll cancel the game, and of course, you’ll get your game credited back to your pass to use for any future game. With 15 games 4 days a week, and only just a few cancelled due to the rain, there’s always another one just around the corner! So, if Thursday’s cancelled, go Friday instead!
We use Accuweather.com (App) as our go to forecast.
hours before the event, we will open Accuweather.com and see the hourly forecast. If there is rain predicted for the time of the game, we cancel the game, indicate the cancellation on the calendar, SMS the game registrants, and credit their passes for future use.
We will not make any weather decisions before the day of, because all weather predictions in Vancouver especially are too error prone if not on the same day.

Public games are outdoor only
Private games can be done indoor or outdoor (as you choose the spot)
For private events indoor games are possible, just book the facility and we’ll set up.

Canada TOUGH 👊🍁

Visit the Calendar, choose an event and press sign up. ammo types are listed on individual sign up pages

Don’t show up expecting just some leisurely walking and shooting.

The game modes we construct are actually pretty intense, comparable to a soccer match. You will sweat. A lot. But it’s a ton of fun, unlike getting your exercise from a boring treadmill. But don’t worry if you think you’re not in shape, after showing up consistently you’ll be in really good shape in no time.

Gun & safety glasses & water. Bringing multiple guns is recommended. They jam.

We might play Shoot & Loot game modes: These game modes will involve others nabbing your blaster if you get shot. So for each game, always have one extra gun that you are okay with others using if they shoot you and nab it off your “cold dead hands 😆” 

You can bring all other sorts of battle gear. For example, we’ve seen people bring big homemade shields made from plastic garbage bin cuts, cafeteria trays, and cardboard boxes. we’ve seen people bring tac vests to hold mags for fast reloads. 

Or, at the very least, have pockets to stuff ammo in.

Just shop glasses. Nothing fancy.  Whatever it is, make sure it stays on your eyes while running, spinning and jumping, and that it is comfortable to wear the whole time because you should never EVER take them off.

Rival masks (or any kind of mask) are not recommended for anything other than Max FPS wars due to fogging.  It will fog, and you will take it off which is forbidden.

Also due to fogging, full seal goggles are NOT recommended.

If you wish to Nerf Brawl wearing prescription glasses buy some side shields for them. Example here.  Other options – prescription goggles, and goggles to fit over glasses.

Any eye protection not protecting the side of the eye is not allowed. 

NO. They do not protect the side of your eye, plus they may fall off your face while running and spinning.  Any eye protection not protecting the side of the eye is not allowed.  You should get prescription goggles for sports.

Anything that is rigid when deployed, is a shield.  Wearing a picnic cloth over yourself is not a shield.  
You can hold or mount shields to your arms.

We encourage engineering your blasters. And home-mades. Just don’t paint it all black and real like.

We all play, we all make the mess, so we all clean it up, and stay until it’s done. Team cleanup is always the last 10-20min of the brawl, depending on how much mess there is.

written per event

For public brawls you’ll have to bring your own guns and goggles.

For private parties rentals are included!

No. Bring your own mags and attachments. You MUST mark your name on your mags.

To each their own pain threshold. But no, not really. Might sting at most. So you don’t need body armor. Actually, if you did wear body armor you wouldn’t feel it so don’t bring that. Now, while the power is less than paintball, the game is much more “in your face” as it is much more close quarters, so you will get shot at close range. So, while not painful, you’ll feel the intensity of combat.   

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