New Players can try 1st Round FREE! just ask

All ages

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📜First time? Do the online waiver. this is NOT something you do each time.  It is ONE and DONE.

🏞 You’ll get to go to lots of different parks, and experience lots of different game modes, so you won’t get bored of the same old map and routine!

🌦Rain shine or snow.  It’s even more dramatic in the rain. Now why would you want to sacrifice having fun just ’cause of droplets from the sky?

🔫Bring your nerf guns, goggles, homemade shields, and all your other nerf gear.  And water.

🎉Ammo is included free. Darts AND Balls.

⚙ Gear included: goggles, shields, blasters and dart mags.

💰Be prepared for Shoot ‘n’ Loot game modes – ie. people can nab your blaster if you get hit.

🧹Everyone has to stay for Team Cleanup near the end. We all make the mess, so we all clean it.

☔If it rains, it’ll be darts only.  Because water wrecks the balls.  But don’t worry, we’ll always have rental dart blasters included, in case you brought ball guns only!

🎂If you wanna have a party, see parties page.

Challenging game modes you’ve never played before. 

ℹ For more info like game modes, rules, rentals, ammo, and more see all the pages on our website.

Don’t come if you have a cold, are ill, etc. 

Now normally you’d need a Brawl Pass for this (below), but WHY would you get one if you’ve never tried this before? 

 SO… you’ll get to play the first round FREE! Then you’ll decide if you will get a monthly pass and continue your adventure.