Blasters & Goggles

CURRENT LOADOUT as of Feb 7 2022:
Dart Blasters, Dart Pistols, Dart magazines, Rival Blasters, Shields (ARMor), and Goggles.

Going to a game but don’t own a blaster?  No goggles?  Don’t worry, we got extras.  But eventually you’ll want to get your own. We have blasters, goggles, mags, Rival mags, bows, foam swords, and more.

Choose what you want 
Switch whenever you wish
Use multiple blasters at once during the game.
Try before buying at the store
Each event has it’s own unique mix of blasters based on number of people coming.  There may be Rivals, front loaders, mag loaders, swords, bows n foam arrows, pistols, snipers, you name it! 
We’re always adding in new blasters to our rental boxes.  Some of them might even be upgraded😲

Current loadout is above

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