Blasters & Goggles

For Nerf Wars you should eventually get your own guns.

Going to a game but don’t own a blaster? Maybe you’re a first timer? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll usually have pistols and goggles for rent at the Public Brawls – and it’s FREE! Eventually you should get your own gear, and it is ALWAYS recommended that you bring your own eye protection for comfort, and only use ours if you forget it. Rentals are in limited quantity, first come first serve, and please allow people who don’t have a gun to use them.  Ammo use is also free so do not bring your own, the rule is we all shoot it so we all clean it up!

Now, if you’re booking a party, you’ll get access to a whole variety of rental blasters that are selected according to the age group of the party, it’s all included in the party price!

Rental set for Parties (no extra cost)

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