Don’t need to RSVP – just show up!  No nerf guns? No problem!  We have everything you need.

☔Rain or Shine! Come to a Rainy Day for a dramatic battle experience you won’t forget – only in Vancouver!

Upcoming Brawls

Ammo: Darts/Balls

$25 All ages

📜First time? Do the online waiver . Fast and easy, once only.

🌦Rain or shine. Because Vancouver.

💲You can pre-pay to save time, or pay card/cash in person. If cash, it must be exact.
Pre-pays remain as unused credit until you show up at a future event. But no refunds.

🔫Bring your nerf guns, goggles, homemade shields, and all your other nerf gear.  And water.

🎉Ammo is included.

⚙ Gear included: goggles, shields, blasters and dart mags included.

💰Be prepared for Shoot ‘n’ Loot game modes – ie. people can nab your blaster if you get hit.

🧹Everyone has to stay for Team Cleanup near the end.

👕We got shirts for only $20 and sticker bomb packs for $10.

☔If it rains, it’ll be darts only.  Because water wrecks the balls.  But don’t worry, we’ll always have rental dart blasters included, in case you didn’t bring any!

Challenging game modes you’ve never played before. Teams are determined randomly by the Godman, unless you dare to request otherwise from him.

ℹ For more info like FAQ, game modes, rules, rentals, ammo, and more please explore all the pages on our website.

Don’t come if you have a cold, are ill, etc.

To see upcoming Event locations and dates

Event details are ONLY sent via text so don't miss out!