Event Staff Job

Pay – $16/ hr (won’t be paid for training hours)

Length – 3-6hrs

Days – Weekends


For the role of event staff organizing Nerf wars at parks, the following requirements should be met:

Age: You must be 18 years or older.

Driving Experience: Possess more than one year of driving experience.

Must have a phone and basic technology skills

Vehicle: Own a car for transportation purposes.

Physical Fitness: Maintain a good level of physical fitness to handle tasks such as equipment setup and running Nerf wars.

Organization and Punctuality: Be highly organized and punctual to ensure smooth event operations.

Communication Skills: Have excellent communication skills, promptly answering phone calls and text messages.

Assertiveness: Demonstrate assertiveness to effectively manage large crowds and maintain order during Nerf wars.

Strong Voice: Possess a loud and clear voice to effectively address and engage a large audience.

Kid-Friendly: Be skilled at interacting with and handling kids, as the role involves working with them during Nerf wars.

Sociability: Be sociable and friendly, creating a positive and enjoyable environment for participants.

Crowd Management: Be adept at handling and managing large crowds during events.

Adaptability to Weather: Willingness to work in various weather conditions, including rain or shine.

 Fluent in English: Have fluent English language skills for effective communication.


As an event staff member, your main tasks will include:

Loading Equipment: Carefully load the required equipment into your car.

Traveling to Parks: Drive to designated parks where the Nerf wars will take place.
Equipment Setup: Set up the Nerf war equipment at the parks, ensuring readiness for the event.Running the Nerf War: Oversee and manage
the Nerf war activities, including explaining rules and ensuring a safe experience.

Equipment Takedown: Disassemble and pack up the equipment after the Nerf war concludes.

Driving and Unloading: Drive back to the starting location or proceed to the next park if multiple events are scheduled. Unload the
equipment appropriately.

In this role, you can expect to work mostly on weekends, with occasional weekday assignments. The nature of the job is outdoor-oriented, so you should be prepared to conduct Nerf wars even in rainy conditions. The ability to speak loudly is vital, as you will be addressing and engaging with a large crowd of participants.

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