Game Modes

Our game modes are original and unique, invented by the brains at Vancouver Blaster Brawls.  You just have to come and experience the action!

*Some of our game modes are “Shoot n Loot”.  This means, shoot enemies and take their weapons away while they are down.  Same goes for you, SO, only bring blasters that you are fine with the enemy possibly nabbing and using against you!  Not comfortable with others using your blasters?  Rent a blaster from our many weapon crates. 


3 Bombs. 3000 Booms. Blow up enemy bases. But be careful. Don't blow yourself up doing it. Still, you gotta work fast. But careful.

Pillage Village

Pillage your enemy's Village to win. Wipe it out. Let nothing remain to win.


Capture enemy bases and claim them for your own. Use them to spawn reinforcements to wipe out the other team once and for all. Pillage their bases 'till they are brought to their final stand. Blue vs Green.

Hamburger Hill

A brutal battle involving a hill 4 armies - all of which are absolutely hellbent on controlling the hill of the hamburger. Things can get pretty messy at Hamburger Hill, so load up as much as possible. First team's timer on the computer to reach zero wins. Tan vs Green vs Blue vs Grey.

Death Row

Our hardest Game Mode yet. This takes tremendous amounts of strategic teamwork to win. Take your squad and capture the entire Death Row to win. You probably won't survive. Prove us wrong.

Gun Game

GUN GAME. Yeah, like in the video games.

Bay of Pigs

Pigs vs the Americans. The Pigs wanna blow everything up with their Rockets of Death. The Americans must stop the Pigs from turning Earth into the Planet of the Pigs. Don't let the Pigs blow it all up! Tan vs Green.

ModBomb (shoot 'n' loot)

Find all the pieces of the ModBomb and assemble it. Plant the fully assembled ModBomb at the enemy's base to blow it up! Don't let the enemy do the same to yours! Tan vs Green.

Missile Mayhem

Invade the enemy's territory, capture the missiles and bring them back to your stronghold. Once all the missiles are in position, launch them to nuke the enemy. Prevent them from doing the same. Blue vs Green.

Sapmaburger hill nerf war vancouver

Spamburger Hill

Take your squad, charge the hill, seize control of it, and defend your designated clicker specialist AS LONG AS POSSIBLE as he/she clicks the heck out of that counter before the never ending barrage of enemies overwhelms your team.  Tan vs Green vs Blue vs Grey.

Golden Gun (Shoot 'n' Loot)

Fight for the Golden Gun and use it to one by one eliminate all of your team's enemies until all but one team remains standing. Tan vs Green vs Blue vs Grey.


The one holding the nuke holds the power to destroy the other army's bases. Teams have to destroy each other's bases to win.

And a LOT MORE!!

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