Step into the ring of fire where fun comes alive! Play a game of black jack while someone tells you a scary story. Roast marshmallows by a warm fire and chilling friends!

Fun Ignited by Flames

Campfire laughter

It’s fireside FUNNY time! Jokes that’ll singe your sides, stories that’ll have you howling like a coyote, and laughter that echoes like a banshee’s cackle (but way friendlier). Prepare to roast marshmallows AND your friends with side-splitting hilarity. This campfire is about to erupt with memories, not flames!

Campfire Game night

Campfire Casino: Ditch the glowsticks, it’s time for a real thrill! Deal the cards under the firelight for a blackjack showdown. Every hand’s a battle of wits (and maybe a little luck) – winner gets bragging rights (and maybe all the marshmallows!).

Chill & Connect

Firelight, friends, and endless stories – the perfect recipe for campfire bonding! Old pals or new crew, the crackle of flames breaks the ice faster than a marshmallow in your mouth. Share laughs, secrets, and maybe even some embarrassing childhood stories

Good Vibes

Forget the stress, this campfire’s the real joy machine! Fun, friends, and firelight – a happiness potion guaranteed to make you erupt with laughter. Let the good vibes roast higher than your marshmallows – tonight’s all about unforgettable smiles!

Cozy and Warm

Fire crackling, warmth radiating – this ain’t your average night. Snuggle up with friends, chase away the chill with laughter and stories. Tonight’s forecast: cozy by the campfire, guaranteed!

Good Times Await

Make friends
expand your circle
share stories
make memories
have fun

what do you get?

Warm and Sheltered

Rain or shine, the campfire remains cozy and dry in a tent to keep in the heat and the laughter!​

Make Friends

Campfire nights turn strangers into friends! Roast marshmallows, swap stories under a blanket of stars, and watch your social circle grow like the flames.

Local Parks

Campfire nights are sizzling up near you, offering the perfect chance to meet awesome people practically in your backyard. Events at parks around town, all year round!


Fire up the fun! Roast marshmallows to gooey perfection. Our campfire events are the perfect way to connect with your community, one delicious bite at a time.


Campfires are nature's way of saying "ditch the screens and get outside!" Trade four walls for a million twinkling stars overhead. Breathe in the fresh air, roast marshmallows under a vast, open sky, and let your stories crackle brighter than the flames! Here, the only roof is the Milky Way.

The Fire ROOM


Gas Fire



Pricing & Details


Ages 16+


1hr 30min


Warm, crackling flames making you want to stay


Interact with people


Rain or shine we still have the campfire


irresistible treat you'll crave all week long!


Keeping the warmth in

We Run it

We'll setup everything just show up

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