Outdoor Archery Tag

*Bring safety glasses
*RSVP so we reserve a bow for you.

Nov-Jan: Shine only
Feb-Oct: Rain or Shine
If cancelled or rescheduled, you'll get a text (join text list below)
Usually same spot, dates are random so get on the archery text list below for new event alerts.

Archery Brawl in the forest! It's like Hunger Games in real life. The combat will be INTENSE - you'll have to run, shoot, take cover, and use teamwork to defeat the other team in a strategic combat scenario. You don't need body armor, the arows are foam, just bringg safety glasses. Make friends and shoot 'em too!

After the war we're bringing a campfire, sticks and marshmallows so we can all fill our faces, chat and have fun.

We'll play a bunch of fun different game modes, do safety rules and split teams. You'll make friends and shoot 'em too!

For winter months, if it's raining the morning of the game will be cancelled or rescheduled. Enter your number below to get updated if we change the date for weather. During Feb-October it happens rain or shine.

And yeah it's free. Everyone come at start time, help with setup and take down please. It's pretty easy.

youtube: https://youtu.be/kxLEIpLT7Mw

*Disclaimer: Play at your own risk. Be mindful of tripping and collision hazards. Wear your eye protection at ALL times. Eyeglasses are NOT eye protection. We're not liable for any injuries, death, or lost items.

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If the date changes due to rain you’ll get a text alert.

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