The Rain Don’t Stop NOTHIN’

It’s Saturday morning in North Vancouver – and it’s raining.  Hard.  But then again, North Vancouver rains worse than regular Vancouver, which is where the Nerf War is. Well, that day, the whole Vancouver was cursed.  So what do we do?  Cancel the game because no one’s gonna come?

WRONG!!  We figured, let’s bring a canopy for the gear, and see how many people show up…

Lots of people playing Spamburger Hill at Blaster Brawls Nerf War in the rain in Vancouver

And then, there were 21 OF US!!  That’s right, NOTHING stops the Nerf War!  Plus, a chance to get out my Umbrella and use it as a shield…

And an OP shield it was!  Especially for the game we call Spamburger Hill.  Having a teammate shield you with the umbrella while spamming that clicker is super valuable.

This TENT.  We’ll have more than just one of these next time, don’t worry…

Gotta embrace the rain! It’s part of us Vancouverites.

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