The Mod Bomb!

Behold the almighty Mod Bomb! This could be the most chaotic game mode

 Mod Bomb is a complicated game mode to put together-Literally. Players have to put together parts to make the Mod Bomb then plant it at the enemy’s base to win.  Guess what?  The pieces are scattered everywhere throughout the battlefield so good luck trying to find them!

Playing this crazy game mode was INSANE. First of all players were running everywhere to find parts, blasting anyone in their way!  I was going left right and center to find pieces!   I ran a modded Nerf Hyperfire and even I was getting exhausted searching for parts. 

Try not to get a part by yourself or you’ll get hammered with heavy fire.  Always have a teammate to cover your back while you retrieve a part.

Often times, we’d use barricaded area as “construction zone” to build the Mod Bomb. This was a great tactic, because the opposing team could not attack such a well fortified place.

Sometimes team A would just barbarically charge at team B and successfully retrieve the Mod Bombs.  It was hilarious to watch.  To avoid getting it stolen, teams would go as far as to disassemble the Mod Bomb and re scatter the pieces. This made the enemy work much harder than they had to.

Hunting for these parts was a mind blowing experience.  You’d have to expend so much ammo and time just to look for one part.  Sometimes, I’d never know where a part was until I tripped over it!  It was a great teamwork experience because teams had to look out for each other, cooperate to search for the parts, and successfully build the Mod Bomb.

With this new game mode, the strategies are endless! We’ll play this game mode for sure at the next Nerf war, so construct a plan before you construct the almighty Mod Bomb!