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Zack's epic Birthday BRAWL!!


Get ready for a crazy all-out Nerf Brawl! Take cover behind walls, and battle with your squad to achieve the objective amidst waves of enemy attacks.

Bring Nerf Guns and Safety Goggles. If you don’t have any, we have CRATES of guns & goggles for you to us 🔫📦📦📦

🌦Game on, Rain or shine!

💰Be prepared for Shoot ‘n’ Loot game modes – ie. enemies can nab your blaster if you get hit.

🧹Everyone has to help with Team Cleanup which is the last 10-15min of the brawl, doesn’t take long.

⌚Arrive at the start time. Please don’t be late, or you’ll miss the game scenario rules and choosing your team.

📜First time here? Do the online WAIVER in advance, once only.

Challenging game modes you’ve never played before! This ISN’T just some “run around and blast each other mindlessly” thing; it is organized game scenarios involving strategy!

ℹ For more info like FAQ, game modes, rules, rentals, ammo, and more please explore all the pages on our website.

Pls don’t come if you have a cold, are ill etc.

All New Players, please do the online waiver beforehand, to participate

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