What do you get to learn and do?  It’s ALL in this video below!↓

What you GET

Dedicated, in-person, 1-on-1 courses from the pros!  You’ll get to use our tools and have access to all the parts needed for your project.  Max 2 students/class.

You’ll learn a wide range of skills and do the entire build from start to finish.  We’ll help you every step of the way.  You just bring the blaster, we’ll have everything else!

  • These are BIG projects, and everyone learns at their own pace, so join as many BlasterClasses as you need until it’s done!
  • Ranges from 15-20 hours over multiple BlasterClasses.
  • You will get to do EVERYTHING.  We’ll teach you how.  Dedicated, continuous instruction.
  • Ages 9+.  No prior experience needed!
  • North Vancouver, weekday evenings.
  • You’ll need to wear an N95 (or above) mask with a proper face seal.  No cloth masks.
  • Electronic and Mechanical skills.
  • Apply hands on tech and engineering skills & use it in battle. Not just theory, but practical skills that will translate into everything else!

Popular MODS!

These are the most popular mods that we teach. You’ll see insane war machines like the full-auto stryfe on the battlefield.

Check out these blasters and see what you want to do to yours!

Full-Auto Stryfe

Overvolted Semi-Auto Mod (eg. Rayven, Modulus, Barricade, etc)

Overpowered Full-Auto Mod Rapidstrike, Hyperfire, Nemesis etc.

Get Started!

How to join? Give us a call, and get a FREE shop tour!

  • You show us your blaster, we’ll show you EVERYTHING that you need to do
  • See what tools/machines you’ll get to use
  • Test out an upgraded blaster to see what modding can do for your blaster

Booking your FREE shop tour is just a phone call away!