Outdoor Archery Tag Wars

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Dive into…


Heart pounding, you hunker behind a barrier, an arrow thuds into the wall inches away. Relief washes over you, knowing your opponent must reload. Seizing the moment, you burst from cover, charging into the fire. Bow drawn, arrow poised, you plunge towards enemy lines…

Crouching low, like a cat stealthily stalking a mouse.

You keep your eyes peeled, footprints light, and bow drawn, ready to unleash at the slightest thing that moves


is out to get you

We'll lead the War...

...and You lead your squad

Join the circle and get HYPED for an exciting game of ORGANIZED MAYHEM as the leader demonstrates the rules of the Game Mode!
And the Game Mode? It’s a mystery every time you visit.


Your eyes dart left to right, up to down. Scanning the area, you hear a rustle. Is it someone? Or is it just the wind?

The threat of imminent danger injects more and more adrenalin into your veins, your heart pounding faster and faster as you get closer to that shadow.

The hunt begins…

Winning a battle is a puzzle, and the soldiers are the pieces…

…discover where you fit in!

Devise tactics and strategies with your team to win the game. Each member of your squad has certain strengths and abilities. What are yours? 

Killer GameModes

Hamburger Hill
Golden Gun
Gun Game
Death Row
and MORE!

3,2,1 GO GO GO! 

With everyone racing at top speed toward HAMBURGER HILL with arrows hurtling all around, will you beat them to the chase to take control of the HILL? Or will you back down from the tornado of fury flying through the air? Only one way to find out. But try not to get caught in the crossfire…

Killer GameModes

Hamburger Hill
Golden Sword
Death Row
Node Control
and MORE!

By taking the role of the hunter, you also become the hunted…

With the deathly power of the Golden SWORD comes equally great danger.  Anyone can wield it. But when word gets around that you are the holder, they’ll all be out to get you. 

Get Outside, Have Fun, Meet People!

Run. duck. dive. Draw and fire

For a whole 2 hours of non-stop fun filled action is sure to strengthen your stamina and get you a killer workout!

Meet new friends in an exciting way!​

Now what’s a better friendship story than meeting as comrades on the battlefield?
Meeting as enemies of course!

Get Outside

So you’re an outdoorsy kind of person huh?
Yeah the kind that does it for WAR!!

Pricing and Details for Drop-in


Price and Time - see the Calendar below
Ages 16+


Bows Provided! No need to get one.


Safety Goggles provided. Bring your own eye or face protection if you have it.

Arrow Bucket

A whole crate of arrows to last you the whole war! Use as many as you need

Game modes

Prepare yourself for an intense game mode where you get to capture objectives, defend your base and eliminate enemies.


Big battle walls will be set up in the warzone to take cover behind. This make game play super unique and fun.

Locally Outdoors!

Parks around Vancouver!

We Run it

Staff organized games

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