Run the Brawl!

Work at Blaster Brawls! Coolest Job ever! Run public brawls and private games around metro Vancouver! You’ll pick up the equipment at our place, transport it to the event location, set up the game scenario and barriers, sign people in, explain the game rules to the crowd, and run the game. You can even play!

You’ll need to have a nicely sized vehicle with enough cargo space to carry the game equipment like 6ft barriers, nerf gun crates, ammo crates, etc. Such as a minivan, SUV or a pickup truck. Our own weapon of choice is the minivan with all the seats folded down. 

On the weekend you may have two games to run per day. Every once in a while a weekday event will pop up after school or on a school holiday.

2-3 events per weekend (~4-11hrs), paid per event.


  • Min. class 7 driver’s license (N)
  • Adequately sized vehicle – minivan pickup truck suv etc.
  • Be in good physical shape for the job
  • Ideally be located in North Shore, Vancouver or Burnaby.

Fill the form below, we’ll give you a call, invite you out to an event, introduce you to the job, and see if you’re a good fit!


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Van, minivan, SUV, crossover, pickup truck, station wagon etc. small cars wont work.
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Nerf Brawls, Archery Tag, Snowball Fights, Campfires, Lightsaber Battles, Night Games, Laser Tag outside in the Dark, and so much more outdoor fun happening anytime and anywhere – so get notified by text or email!