Ammo Bins

We often get asked – “do I need to bring Nerf bullets?”  Nope!  Ammo is included free with the game – Nerf Darts and Balls, thousands of them.  We just kindly ask that you join everybody else with the team cleanup at the end.  You don’t need to buy expensive ammo for the game.  Actually, don’t bring ammo – otherwise it’ll get mixed with ours.

Ammo – we only use the BEST for the Brawl.  So you can play as jam free as possible.  We even take the time to regularly go through all the bins to purge worn-out ammo and replace it, to prevent these cancerous darts from getting jammed in blasters. So you can depend on your blaster during the heat of the battle – especially for those in-game life or death situations.

When it rains it is Darts only.  Water wrecks the balls.

We have 2 ammo types: Darts and Balls  What you see in the pictures above is what you will get.  Darts are all soft tipped and compressible, and the balls are made of soft foam. So it won’t hurt.  Also we ensure that there are no blasters over the velocity limit.

Check the event page for the specific ammo types that will be available for that war in particular.  

These are ammo types we do NOT carry, and you CAN bring them if you want:    Hyper Rounds, Vortex Discs, Mega Darts & XL,  Ultra Darts.  Anything else is prohibited, this includes half darts fvjs and hard tipped ammo.

Please help everyone with the team cleanup at the end.  The more ammo we all retrieve, the more we have for next time. This way you can continue to enjoy free ammo – and not have to buy your own to bring to the game, and worry about getting it back.  Lets keep the parks clean after the game.

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