Ammo Bins

You know what’s great? Not having to buy ammo. Unlike…you know the thing. Ammo’s free here. And it’s not all old and worn out either. We renew it on a regular basis. So your guns don’t get all jammed and constipated.  Just help with team cleanup at the end until it’s all done, that’s all. Darts, Balls, and Stefans.

When it rains it is Darts only.  Water wrecks the balls.

Half Darts/Stefans are AF pros and half waffles. Only for teen/adult wars.

Darts are all soft tipped and squishable, and the balls are made of soft foam. So it won’t hurt.

Hyper, Vortex, Mega, & Ultra – we don’t have these and never will. Bring em if you want. Anything else is prohibited esp. hard tipped ammo.  

Please help everyone with the team cleanup at the end, so we can continue to enjoy ammo for free – and not have to buy your own to bring to the game, and worry about getting it back.

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Nerf Brawls, Archery Tag, Snowball Fights, Campfires, Lightsaber Battles, Night Games, Laser Tag outside in the Dark, and so much more outdoor fun happening anytime and anywhere – so get notified by text or email!