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The Squad


GAVZ GUNZ: AngryGun, M16 Creator of Hamburger Hill, Missile Mayhem, Conquest & more


Fav Gun: C.A.K.E. Creator of Golden Gun, ModBomb, the MG Nest & more

The Godman

The DECIDER. He chooses your team. He chooses the game mode. He chooses the weather. He chooses the park. He decides your FATE!

Most INSANE Battle Games. EVER.

We took our average, ordinary, once in a blue moon nerf battle with only a few friends at the park, and put it on steroids. We built in a maze of tall barriers, strategic intensive gameplay, and tactical objectives to make a hell of a brawl! Not to mention the numerous people that show up, each with their own unique loadouts, and something you can look forward to every week outside in Vancouver!

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Nerf Brawls, Archery Tag, Snowball Fights, Campfires, Lightsaber Battles, Night Games, Laser Tag outside in the Dark, and so much more outdoor fun happening anytime and anywhere – so get notified by text or email!